First ATR to fly using… cooking oil!


1st February 2017, Stockholm, Sweden — An ATR 72-600 of the Swedish carrier BRA (former Braathens Regional) flew in-country from Stockholm-Bromma to Umeå fueled at 45% with fossil-free used cooking oil. A first biofuel-powered flight for an ATR aircraft! Thanks to its lighter structure, optimized speed and engines designed for short routes, the ATR is already popular as it demonstrates the best environmental performance in its segment. Continuing its investments in virtuous technologies ATR plans to move further in environmental performance.

At the occasion of this first flight, the CEO of ATR reminded: “There is no commercial airplane in the world that burns less fuel than the ATR 72-600. This aircraft consumes approximately 40% less fuel than any regional jet on the market. An ATR 72-600 with biofuel substantially further cuts CO2 emissions when compared to a regional jet.” The overall commitment of the aviation industry to constantly reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft remains steady. “The aviation industry has made very courageous decisions. We have committed ourselves to strongly reduce CO2 by 2050. We, as an industry, call on the authorities to invest in the development and qualification of different types of biofuels.”

And BRA’s CEO to conclude: “It is important to have a transportation that provides efficiency, frequency, and environment care. This is what we get with our fleet of ATR aircraft.” <>


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